Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bite Back Against Malaria!

Look for a new EP from American Fiction in early August with all proceeds going to Compassion International's effort to supply bed nets and education to combat Malaria in Africa!

This explains it all!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Icy May Lakes

Sorry I haven't written in a couple days.

I was in the woods.

And jumping into lakes.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i made it back. alive.

i made it back. alive.

there is much to tell.

and i will tell it when i'm not so tired.

i leave you with take you into the night.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Somalia" by K'naan

Just killing some time here at the Branch offices before I catch my bus, so I thought I'd share a quick video of an artist that I think has a ton of creative potential as he masterfully combines elements of hip hop, rap, reggae, and african tribal song in his tunes. His name is K'naan and he is originally from Mogadishu, Somalia, but is now based in Toronto. He's on A&M/Octone and has recently toured with Snoop Dogg and is headed out on tour with Matisyahu in June.

I really dig this video because it not only syncs powerful images with the song's lyrical content (addressing issues like poverty, pirating, immigration) but also has a greater sense of "realness" to it as it doesn't have the production quality and cohesion that some of his other videos do. The video establishes a tight organic vibe that allows the images and lyrics to work with one another rather than overshadow one another.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Road Journal: 5/18/09

Woke up early today and pretty much just surfed the web and got myself increasingly addicted to Twitter. Honestly it's digital crack. A ton of dreaming went down in the Branch offices, at Pineapple Willies (a nice little beach joint in PCB), and at the Purple Grape (a classy wine bar). Through the haze of Djarum clove cigarettes, red wine aromas, Samuel Adams froth, and the fizzing of a Pepsi cola (for my "under 21" self) minds were reaching for mystic territories of progress.

The staff and artists that I have had the privilege to meet and work with here at Branch Records have an unparalleled sense of creativity and drive to create a truly organic and functional way of producing quality music.

Today Branch Records was solidified as the absolute right choice for me as American Fiction. I want to make music with integrity and beauty and Branch will not only allow me to do this, but support it and push me to do it better.

This has been a raw and powerful trip that has left me with new friends and new visions!

I head back to Wisconsin later today on the Greyhound. I will be updating my Twitter as I travel north and considering that prostitutes, hippies avoiding the law, and dudes heading to court because they failed to pay child support have all been on buses I've taken, these updates could and most likely will be EPIC!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Road Journal: 5/17/09

For lunch we chowed down at Coram's, a local culinary hotspot, for some cheeseburgers. Then we headed out into Panama City Beach with Tim and Pat (from The Cries Of). Condos rise up from the pavement blocking views of the gulf and 9.99 t-shirt shops line the roads. There is even a wicked abandoned water park...apparently it's amazing to hop the fence and tear up the pools on skateboards. While on our tour of PCB, we also hit up Alvin's Island one of my favorite places from my childhood...this one had a live gator exhibit. Sadly, Alvin's Island is not as cool as it was when I was 8...except for the quarter game in the attached arcade.

Saw "Taken" at the dollar theater. It was quite BA (Liam don't mess around, son). After the cinematic experience at the PC mall we headed back to Branch and streamed a quick 20min set...

Once we finished up streaming Pat, Tim, Michael and I headed over to Oakland Terrace to play some basketball. I played some tight "d" on some trash talking 10 year old who refused to work on his defense. Tim channeled his inner Kobe.

Reveling in the glory of Pat's new Cocker Spaniel shirt (see Pat's blog for visuals)and basking in our own perspiration we all headed to Golden Corral after bball.

The early hours of Sunday morning were spent setting up my twitter and updating AF information on the Branch site.

Follow American Fiction now on Twitter

Road Journal: 5/16/09

More excerpts from the road...

Outside of Mariana, FL we hit a massive thunderstorm on the bus. The driver decided to make a pit stop at an Arby's for food. Initially it was only sprinkling. People went in to grab their curly fries and upon their return to the Greyhound horizontal rains and wind smacked them in the face. I fortunately stayed on the bus eating Goldfish crackers.

The first thing we did, once the guys from Branch picked me up from the Greyhound station in PCB, was hit up some good ol' BBQ. Then toured the Branch office. Then set up at The Bridge Venue. Then the rockin' began with...Landon, The Cries Of, American Fiction, The Carolinas, and In-Rath. Solid sets by all!

Setlist 5/16/09

Tallahassee Turnpike Blues
Frontier Tattoos
Memphis Greyhound
Hung From the Sun
Lawyers (and their Virility)
New Orleans Girl
Goin' to Big Sur
Born With a Weight

The night ended with two cheesy double beef burritos and two hard shell tacos from tbell.

Fast food and rock n roll. Beautiful.

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